Author's New Series of Books, A Recovery Journey, Takes a Fresh Approach to Recovery From Addiction

Top Quote John T. Marohn Shares Personal Experiences and Views Beyond the Traditional to Reach Others Seeking Help and Hope. End Quote
    QuoteA Recovery Journey goes beyond AA and the traditional approach to recovery to examine the psychology of getting sober.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 14, 2013 - For those on the road to personal growth and recovery from addiction, John T. Marohn has written a series of three books to help guide them to a greater understanding and acceptance of themselves and their issues: A Recovery Journey, Volume 1: The Beginnings; A Recovery Journey, Volume 2: Psychological and Spiritual Issues; and A Recovery Journey, Volume 3: Philosophical and Cultural Issues.

    Based on his own struggles and continuing journey through recovery, Marohn has written the series with a more progressive approach to help others experiencing the same challenges he has faced since he first realized he needed to go into rehab 28 years ago.

    "In this series of books, I go beyond AA and the traditional approach to recovery to examine the psychology of getting sober," said John T. Marohn, author. "Leveraging my experience teaching psychology as well as my personal history, I delve into how much our culture influences addiction issues. I approach the topic more from my own personal experience with recovery and perspective as a writer than as the expert, with the hope of inspiring others facing a similar path."

    In Volume 1, the author describes his moment of surrender and his long-term recovery through counseling and peer group meetings, where he began to uncover some of the psychological themes underlying so many of his dysfunctional behaviors. Volume 2 of the series focuses on the psychological and spiritual changes he continues to experience in his life-long awakening and recovery journey. In Volume 3, Marohn examines the philosophical and cultural issues that continue to affect his recovery.

    Filled with the author's insights and personal experiences, these ebooks will add a fresh dimension on addition and recovery, and most of all, give hope to those continuing on their own personal recovery journeys.

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    About the Author:
    John T. Marohn has been sober for 28 years. His continuing journey through recovery has enabled him to expand his writing horizons as a novelist, a poet, a book and movie reviewer, and an active blogger on topics ranging from personal growth to alcohol recovery. Marohn is a retired community college teacher. In his retirement, he has written a novel (Tiorunda Stories) and three books on Alcohol Recovery (A Recovery Journey, Three Volumes), in addition to having developed an online international film and culture course about modern Chinese history and culture. He's currently putting together an anthology of his poems and two ebooks related to personal growth and alcohol recovery. Marohn resides in Buffalo, New York. For more information, visit