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  • Ana Shan
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  • At AuditShipment, we collate cutting-edge technology with logistics expertise to formulate a Super-efficient Shipping invoice audit process. Our mission is to share the benefits of this home grown technology with shippers across the globe. Shipping carrier invoices are least understood, non-uniform across businesses and have varying levels of complexities. We believe in helping businesses focus on scaling their operations, while we dedicatedly work towards optimising their shipping expenditure through automated audits.
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  • AI Powered audit to maximize shipping cost savings
  • AuditShipment is vertical SAAS product building deep intelligence layers to D2C brands / Commerce companies around logistics, shipments and customers.
  • Last-mile logistics for businesses is riddled with complexities. From getting orders delivered on time to paying the right shipping price, businesses ...
  • May 19, 2020