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  • Ateji has developed unique skills and technologies in the field of computer languages and software development tools. Ateji%u2019 vision is based on the core belief that well designed and easy to adopt programming languages can significantly slash the cost and time to delivery of software development projects and improve overall software quality.

    In the field of parallel programming, Ateji brings a language solution to a language problem. It focuses on bridging the gap between increasingly powerful hardware and slowly evolving software, and saves programmers from the complexity of multi-core platforms.
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  • Ateji PX Shakes Up Java Multi-Core Programming
  • Ateji has just released a software solution that makes Java parallel programming simple, intuitive and easy to learn for all application developers.
  • Ateji (, a French pioneer in innovative programming technologies, announced today the release of Ateji® PX for Java™ a software solution ...
  • July 07, 2010