Tips to How to Build a Strong Relationship with the Media

The key to 21st century success lies to a large extent with the media. It is the publicity that the media generates that can sway public choices and opinions. And to reach a message across you need the friendship of the media. While a few years ago media meant newspapers and magazines today the scenario has changed to include TV, radio, and the World Wide Web.

So, to network effectively you need to know what to use when and who is the right person you need to stay in touch with. For example in the case of print media you would need a journalist while in the case of TV or radio the producer of the specific segment.

To build a strong relationship with the media you need to:

1. Get to know your media well. Create a data base that covers all kinds of organizations. List every relevant newspaper, magazine, local radio, and local TV program. Create a useable profile that will tell you who to contact and when to contact for every particular story or event. Include: Name; identity of news editor; deadline for news stories; format for news stories; who handles specific issues; and how they normally treat news.

2. Be clear and concise when creating a news release. State facts clearly and include contact details. Only present facts and not fiction. And respect that they are busy people only send the final version, it is awful if you send additions and changes after submission.

3. Wait for a descent period before follow up. Try not to be a nuisance and bombard the person with emails, faxes, and phone calls.

4. When the person calls for clarifications have all details on hand, never say I will let you know or call back. You must be prepared if you want a good support from the media.

5. Send any relevant photographs clearly labeled and captioned.

6. Create a professional campaign for your news. If unsure how to do so refer to tips and articles on the World Wide Web or alternately consult a media professional.

7. Never do things that antagonize the media. If you befriend them then they will always be willing to help you even in a crisis.

8. Develop a friendly relationship with the media and always be upfront and honest.

9. Find out what kind of format and writing style is preferred and always use that format and style. Read about writing press releases and news, and follow the guidelines created by experts.

It is publicity that can lead to success, spreading awareness, or promoting a product or campaign. So, media must always be considered seriously and it is best to work with a strategy in place. Befriend the media and they will stand by you through thick and thin.

About Author:
Andrew Bermam is a freelance writer for Free Press Release, the premier website to Submit Free Press Release for any announcements including launching of new product or services, new website, announcing new hires, sponsoring a special event or seminar and more.