Paid options in SEO

Search engine optimization options are changing each day. The world of web site marketing and promotion is abuzz with terms like PFI, PFP, and PPC. In order for you to beat your competition you need to understand what these are.

Pay-for-inclusion or pay-per-placement are options offered by several search engines. For a fee they will speed up the indexing of your site. That is the site will get priority over free submissions. The fee covers inclusion in the search engine's database for a year and re-spidering of the page.

This facility is available at human edited directories like Yahoo. If your site meets their standards when reviewed by their editors, they will add your site to their directory for a yearly fee.

Pay-per-click or PPC is a facility that allows you to buy advertisement space along the sides of the web page. A highly successful example of this program is Google Adwords and Overture. The sponsored or features results as they are known are listed not only in search results but content sites. In this module you only have to pay when someone clicks through your site. The placement is based on bidding and whoever pays more gets a higher placement. PPC providers also have in place reporting tools. You can use these to analyze the effectiveness of your site and use the data to make modifications.

You need to be smart and know all about SEO, site marketing, and options available to maximize exposure. Remember most search engines add pages that are free fairly quickly as long as the site has all the relevant quick placement features. Before you spend money check f your site is already listed by major search engines through other sites that are linked to it. Often on checking you will find that most pages are already listed. This means you just don't have to pay.

Success in the World Wide Web is mostly knowledge based and for your site and business module to succeed all you need to do is ensure you are abreast with developments, unique, and of unbeatable quality.

Pain placement can be included in your internet marketing plan as it gives you search engine rankings quickly. But seek expert advice on what kind of search engine will serve you best. Ideal search engines should have a balance of search traffic and listing options. Find out whether the search engine is purely profit oriented or whether it has a heart and cares about your site. Always check listing options, indexing speed, ranking advice, search criteria, quality searches, traffic, and the engines Alexa rating.

You must keep in mind that cyber space is overcrowded and there is a race for supremacy and top ranking. Play the game like a chess grandmaster with thought and precision.

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