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  • aratech was officially born on the UAE%u2019s national day of the 41st union. We come to you with most recent web technologies to support your business, help you reach new markets, and enhance your client%u2019s satisfaction. aratech brings you arab-culture centric solutions to give your Arab audience an unmatched new local experience. Something that has been spoiled by foreign agencies over the last 10 years. Our ultimate goal is to provide end-users with cutting-edge innovations that are simple, elastic and customized for the MENA region.
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  • "" launches the first Arabic pinboard for the Middle-East
  • The first true competitor to the English giant "Pinterest" is here finally with a regional flavor. The image and video pinboard launches its Arabic website with a completely new intuitive UI and Middle Eastern touch. Thousands of users are already loving this web app, so here's an insider look.
  • Established in October 2012,, the first Arabic pinboard image-sharing community. Inspired by the success of Pinterest, the largest pinboa ...
  • November 02, 2013