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  • Spotlight on Molding Industry - Taoshi Mould and Its Outstanding Products Lead the Way to Market Overseas
  • "Observe the world in a small place, and maneuver overall situation during advancing and retreating." said the chairman Tao Yong Hua. For over 30 years, Taoshi Mould has kept the quality of their moulds to a high level and at the same time, adhere's to the strict standard production procedure to win the reputation from customers around the world.
  • Established as a private enterprise, Taoshi Mould started its own business in 1985 and has gradually become a well-reputed manufacturer of moulds in C ...
  • October 14, 2011
  • Open-Air Banquet to Boost Tourism and Aid Disaster Reconstruction
  • The recent typhoon did a lot of damage to many of the tourist spots in southern Taiwan; but, as the Tourism Bureau points out, it has in no way diminished the deliciousness of the island’s food or the warm hospitality of its people.
  • As part of its international 2009 Tour Taiwan Year promotion, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is inviting more than 600 foreign travelers and media represen ...
  • September 09, 2009