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  • Apni Kheti
  • D-253, Sector-75, Industrial Area, Mohali
  • Phone: 9779977641
  • URL: http://www.apnikheti.com/
  • ApniKheti is a digital platform for sharing informative agricultural information. It imparts valuable knowledge to the farmers regarding weather updates, market prices, farming news and updates, livestock, disease attacks, government schemes, and progressive farmers success stories. It acts as a proficient source between farmers and agriculture-focused organizations. The ApniKheti mobile app, available in Android and iOS, addresses the queries of farmers related to farming, the use of resources, enhancing the crop quality, new farming techniques and more at the hands of its experienced agriculture experts.
Apni Kheti Press Release -


  • Apni Kheti Launches the Q&A Section in its Mobile App
  • Apni Kheti is a digital platform for farmers to make data-driven smart decisions related to agriculture and allied activities, addressed & resolved from the experts affiliated to the respective field of agriculture. Apni Kheti started as a project in 2017 and then registered as a company in 2018.
  • Founder Taran Sidhu is the CEO, and Hunar Brar is the Chief Operating Officer of the organization. They introduced this all-inclusive and pioneering p ...
  • April 15, 2020