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    antiHERO FILM I - Searching for answers and redemption, tormented, early 20s fireman Dante %u201CZuke%u201D Zuchelli unleashes his bloody, guilt driven vengeance on the Barbary Coast Tong Hatchetmen responsible for shanghaiing his sister.

    antiHERO FILM II - Zuchelli returns home to Shasta and captures the bandits who massacred his family, then, with Lorna, voyages to Shanghai and rescues his sister, however, as they board a freighter home, a new Tong overlord slays Zuchelli and captures Lorna and his sister.
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  • Comic-Con 2012 - antiHERO Film and Graphic Novel Released
  • Free smartphone and tablet ebook. The big challenge was to adapt the original 28 page "paper" book into the antiHERO story, crafting new art and dialog, then shrinking full pages and panels to fit miniature displays.
  • The first of three epic, action/adventure feature films and graphic novels, antiHERO I, is being released at Comic-Con 2012 in two specially designed ...
  • July 14, 2012