Announcing a New World View Life Changing E-Book written for members of Immortal Society

Top Quote We expect this eBook will do for the church what Einstein did for science; yank the slack out of it. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 13, 2008 - From the State of Michigan across the United States and around the world – Announcing that a Life Changing E-Book written for members of Immortal Society is now being made available to the general public.

    This uniquely original work is unlike anything you have ever experienced before guaranteed. This one of a kind volume sets a totally new standard for understanding Truth and the nature of existence. It will open your eyes to revelation like you cannot imagine. The reason everyone is withholding the Truth from you is because no one knows what it is. After reading this book, you will not only know what the Truth is, but be amazed at its sheer simplicity.

    Although originally intended for those already familiar with the Spiritual Technology behind the proposition upon which the Book is based, it is presented in a simple enough format to be understood by those not so enlightened. Thus it was deemed a disservice to withhold this information from those who need it most.

    The Title of this groundbreaking new ideology is: The Blasphemy of Mortal Church. Just the name in itself should give you a clue as to how revolutionary it is. Here are some of the things you will learn from the experience of it.

    How mortal church tricks you into self-destruction.
    Why the church has never heard the Gospel and how pathetic that is.
    What Faith is and what it is not, where Faith comes from and how to have it.
    What it really means to “Accept Christ” (Bet you never heard this one).
    What is our species’ malfunction and how is it corrected: What is the Truth?
    How to honor God with your own fulfillment in the process of satisfaction.
    How your IDEAS Create your experience.
    How to recognize false doctrine in all its forms and then laugh at it.
    In our high tech society why is God still a mystery? Because you’re clueless!!!
    Why you judge yourself and feel the need to beat yourself down.
    Why a wrong idea of God is an insult to yourself and what makes a Believer.
    How to lose your fear while gaining the Love you seek.

    After reading this Book you will know exactly why the world is so screwed up and what to do about it. Hopefully you will see into how you have been getting ripped off and take back what is rightfully yours. You should wind up with a conceptual grasp of Absolute Self Value so that you may become what you can now think about. Honestly this book may be mankind's only hope of survival, it is just that important. Future works of this nature will most likely not be made available to members of mortal society.

    There is one place you can go to acquire this tool of Reformation and that is the Home of NEW Reformation, a virtual community, the Immortal Society of Enlightened Planetary Civilization itself. You guessed it, the website is where mortals can view Immortal Society and find an option to mortality. If that sounds like Good News, then you might have already guessed what this is all about.

    This has been a Notice of NEW Reformation, Have A GOD Day.

    For additional information or a sample copy,
    Contact: B Weiser
    Universal Church of New Reformation Phone: 888 737-7769
    Email Address: theunion ( @ ) newreformationnow dot com
    Web site address:
    Press area:

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