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  • 888 Saratoga Avenue, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95129
  • Phone: 1-408-342 -1700
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  • aMarketForce provides sales and marketing services to United States-based businesses%u2019 from its offshore centers in India, serving as reliable back office support for sales and marketing departments.



    * Prospect Database Development
    * Customer Database Validation
    * B-to-B Lead Generation

    * Email Campaigns
    * Event Recruitment
    * Website Management
    * Market Research
    * SEO
    * PPC

    * Pre-Sales Support
    * Technical Support
    * Customer Support
Amarketforce Press Release -

  • aMarketForce Relocates to New Facilities
  • aMarketForce, a leading provider of B2B lead generation services, announced today that they have moved their India headquarters to a new, state of the art facility. This new and larger office meets all the standardized ISO high-security requirements that are critical to their US clients.
  • July 24, 2014
  • aMarketForce Expands Operations in India
  • aMarketforce, a B2B marketing services company announced today the successful launch of its new facility in Patna, India. A new location became necessary with the expansion of aMarketForce's business in the US, Europe and now India.
  • June 13, 2013
  • Leader in IT and Security Solutions selects aMarketForce for B2B Lead Generation
  • aMarketForce, a leading provider of Inside sales and Marketing Services announced today that it has been selected to deliver a major B2B lead generation project for a leader in IT and security solutions. The goal is to generate 250 qualified hot leads in an unusual target market, Australia and some regions of South Asia.
  • July 28, 2012
  • Leader in IT and Product Development Solutions Chooses aMarketForce for Lead Generation
  • "aMarketForce is proud to once again deliver a first class pre-qualified lead list for its client. The client received excellent support in empowering their insidesales team tomake productive sales-calls.Using the lists developed by aMarketForce, the client now has a strong pipeline, & has already closed 2 large deals. The next step is to support the client's marketing initiatives."
  • June 09, 2012
  • Premier Software Company Chooses aMarketForce for Technical Writing Services
  • aMarketForce, a leading provider of B2B marketing and technical writing services announced today that it has been selected by a premier software company based in North America for an ongoing technical writing and documentation project. The client offers custom IT development and consulting services to software development houses.
  • August 20, 2011
  • V-Soft to Develop Barcode Mobile App for Giant Electronics Retailer
  • V-Soft, Inc., a Silicon Valley based Mobile Application Development Services provider, announced today that they have been selected to develop a Barcode mobile application for their client, a giant in the electronics retail industry. The Barcode mobile app will be developed for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone mobile platforms.
  • March 25, 2011
  • Leader Of eCommerce Solutions Chooses aMarketForce For B2B Lead Generation Services
  • aMarketForce, a leading provider of B2B lead generation and marketing services announced that one of their key clients, a leader in eCommerce Solutions, had extended their agreement for Business-to-Business Lead Generation Services. This was as a result of aMarketForce's successful delivery of list development services. The client has now extended the service contract by adding our lead generation team to their existing inside sales team.
  • January 19, 2011