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  • Alina Laktina
  • 34 South Molton Street,
  • Phone: 0808 189 0111
  • URL:
  • Alyaka shares the knowledge of intricate, beautiful brands%u2014their complete stories, their passions, and their products%u2014as well as the inspirations behind luxury perfumes and a range of niche beauty products.
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  • Exclusive Interview with Beauty Alchemist, May Lindstrom
  • May Lindstrom, known as the beauty alchemist shares her passion for natural and effective beauty products through her very own skincare line. Know more about one of the most sought after beauty gurus through this exclusive interview.
  • June 11, 2016
  • Sue Phillips in an Exclusive Interview with Alyaka
  • One of the world renowned experts in industries including perfume, cosmetics, and personal care, Sue Phillips of Scenterprises shares some interesting insights in an exclusive interview with Alyaka.
  • December 19, 2015