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  • Alex Melman
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
  • Phone: 4915129111207
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  • AudioBrain was created by a team of two guys, a developer and a designer, with the goal to create an app that would exercise an individual's memory skills. The resulting product is a uniquely designed memory development app, which involves listening and repeating back classical poetry. For more information on AudioBrain product, please visit them at the website.
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  • Introducing AudioBrain: an Audio Memory Development App
  • Created for those who want to expand their mental capacity, AudioBrain uses techniques to help arouse under-active brain regions, namely the ones used for processing audio data. Through the use of classical poems, users are able to enliven their remembering process.
  • Frankfurt AM Main, Germany - AudioBrain, an app like no other, is now available on the App Store and Google Play- but it is not a game. Created for th ...
  • August 26, 2015