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Alafia Youth Information
  • Koffi Nomedji
  • Adidogome, Lome- Togo, West Africa
  • Phone: 228 91 49 20 73
  • URL:
  • Alafia Youth a youth based non-profit has been created in 2006 by the Feminist Non-Profit Organization Alafia. Alafia Youth is entirely devoted to help Togolese youth overcome issues related to health, drug abuse, employment, entrepreneurship, human rights and poverty. In April 2014, We have launched a special fund to help orphans and prisoners. We are running campaigns online in order to bring hope in life of several children and prisoners.
Alafia Youth Press Release -

  • Build home and bring Christmas to an orphanage in Africa
  • This is a crowdfunding campaign which aims to assist an orphanage in Togo (West Africa) that is going through a serious housing issue. Our campaign aims to bring hope and stability to the lives of 58 children this holiday season, by building two dormitories and providing a power generator and clean water system. These seemingly simple things would be life changing for these children.
  • Lome, TOGO (West Africa) - ALAFIA YOUTH (Non-Profit) - A group of students and volunteers from around the world are running a crowdfunding campaign to ...
  • December 05, 2014