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  • Konstantinos Chatziioannou
  • URL: http://www.aktivomotors.com
  • At AKTIVO we develop futuristic electric transporters, that are efficient, look stunning and are a joy to ride.
    Our international team is made of real experts on electric propulsion, acquiring know-how through research and development of electric aviation power system.
    At AKTIVO we have been always in the forefront of innovation in the electric power systems space for personal transporters: from the first micro brushless motors, to creating the compact hub motor wheels fitted in most of the electric skateboards around the world, to the current AKTIVO Scoot hub-less wheel.
Aktivo Motors Press Release -


  • AKTIVO's hubless electric scooter is the most powerful and stylish ever
  • AKTIVO Motors is launching the most innovative and stylish electric scooter to date. Powered by a 1000W hubless motor, and designed by experts in personal electric transportation, this scooter looks stunning and is a joy to ride.
  • AKTIVO Scoot is here to change how people see and think about electric scooters.

    Inspired on supercar design lines and based on hub-le ...
  • June 07, 2018