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  • URL: http://www.ahg.com
  • AHG develops web and mobile applications for businesses that are engaging, interactive and add to your bottom line. We specialize in mobile application for android and iOS which are integrated with back-end / internal software systems in the areas
    of e-commerce, knowledge management and enterprise collaboration.
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  • promoCard Uses Apple Passbook Technology To Help Merchants Reach Customers On Their Mobile Devices
  • Thanks to Apple Passbook and promoCard, merchants who do not have resources or capabilities to create their own mobile application can still reach customers on their smartphones. promoCard allows businesses to create Apple Passbook based "promotional cards" that can be distributed to customers via e-mail, web site or by scanning QR code on the shipped packages.
  • AHG, Inc., mobile applications and web software development company, announced a launch of promoCard - a new Apple Passbook - based platform that allo ...
  • May 24, 2013
  • QRwave uses QR codes technology to take B2B ecommerce to the next level
  • QRwave uses QR codes technology to streamline B2B ordering process. It is a mobile app / web service combo that allows authorized company employees to place an order by simply scanning item's QR code.
  • AHG, Inc. announced a launch of QRwave - mobile app / web services combo that allows authorized employees to place restocking orders by simply scannin ...
  • July 18, 2012