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  • Marion Eickmann
  • URL: http://www,agile42.com
  • About agile42
    Agile42 considers itself an agile company in more ways than one. The successful Berlin-based company offers praxis oriented process consulting, training and software with a focus on lean and agile approaches like scrum. The efficient combination of management involvement, knowledge transfer, team coaching on the job and a praxis based tool support is responsible for the success in many international companies.
    - Faster revenue generation
    - Accelerated ROI (Return on Investment) 

    - Improved quality 

    - Earlier go to market 

    - and last but not least a raise motivation in all the involved teams.
Agile42 Gmbh Press Release -


  • agile42 expands its international consultancy business to Canada and United States
  • The launch of agile42 in North America follows nearly five years of successfully consulting companies on process improvement, specifically on adopting agile approaches to software development, and training and coaching teams on agile methods like Scrum.
  • Vancouver, Canada - As experts in helping organizations adapt to agile and lean methods, agile42 advises, trains and coaches people to become agile, h ...
  • November 04, 2010