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  • Victoria Rei Ristow, Featured in Best Selling Book, "The Art and Science of Success."
  • Best selling author, Victoria Rei Ristow, has been featured in "The Art and Science of Success, Vol. 2." Subtitled, Proven Strategies From Today's Leading Experts, the book is a collection of stories, strategies and advice from a variety of authors.
  • Dallas, Texas - Victoria Rei Ristow, an expert on creating success, is a co-author for the recently-released book, The Art and Science of Success, Pro ...
  • October 14, 2011
  • Non-Profit Agencies Find New Revenue In Short-Run Newspapers; Makemynewspaper.com Launches New Vertical Website
  • Makemynewspaper.com announces the launch of Nonprofitnewspapers.com, a vertical website designed to bring awareness to the use of short-run newspapers for non-profit, religious and charitable organizations. The low cost, coupled with the ability to generate funds through ad sale revenue and provide a source of education, have made niche newspapers an attractive medium.
  • Tucson, AZ - Makemynewspaper.com announced today the official launching of their new vertical website, "Nonprofitnewspapers.com," to facilitate the gr ...
  • May 04, 2011
  • New Website Re-Invents the Newspaper Industry
  • Makemynewspaper.com launches an on-line business model for newsprint previously never seen. Combining Internet technology and platforms with recently developed engineering to print short-run newspapers for the general public, the website offers free tools, templates, graphic design, national syndications and a host of other services that facilitate the lowest prices ever offered.
  • Combining internet technology with the world's oldest media was a complicated challenge, but after three years of research and development, "Makemynew ...
  • February 02, 2011