31 New Claims At Goldfield Basin Estimated At Over $7 Billion Potential Value

Top Quote Gold & Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: CJTF), a junior mining company in Nevada, announces review of 31 new claims at Goldfield Basin to have in-ground potential over $7 Billion owned on a 50/50 basis by CJT Mining, Inc. (wholly owned subsidiary) and 50% by co-owner. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 15, 2014 - Las Vegas, NV - A chart which can be viewed in this news release posted under News on summarizes the numbers used in estimating the value. The company and 50/50 co-owner has 31 (20 acre equivalent) claims covering 620 acres. These claims surround an adjoining operation with historic drilling and assay information which is equal to and/or greater than the numbers shown in the chart below.

    The adjoining claims drilling and assay results showed an average gold content of 0.29 ounces per ton and 2.04 ounces per ton of silver. The results from the adjoining drilling and assays also confirmed that the grade of ore became steadily richer at greater depths. CJT Mining's initial assay from sample ore this summer showed a total of 16 grams of gold and a range of 5 to 11 grams per ton in the top 3 feet of depth samples were drawn from.

    As we correlate the adjoining claims results, we have determined a pattern that we expect to be very similar in the 31 claims we have. This will lead to many years of successful precious metals (gold and silver) processing.

    Bore hole profile in the adjoining property shows that there is 728 feet of placer sedimentary material before reaching bedrock.

    Historical Geological Review by the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology has identified that the sedimentary material in the area is fine grained limestone, dolomite, phylitic siltstone, metasiltstone, quartzite, sandstone and siliceous hornfels.

    The gradual and natural downhill runoff flow of limestone, quartzite, dolomite rocks, silt, rhyolite, sandstone, siltstone and partially dissolved minerals from at least 5 mineralized mountain ranges has accumulated in this unique location for thousands of years and now offers an opportunity for many years of successful precious metals extraction and refining.

    We now have gathered sufficient information to announce this location as one of the key mining operations for the future and have given it the name Goldfield Basin. It is unique in that it can be developed in a small to large stair step progression that creates orderly, planned expansion out of profits.
    The chart posted in the press release on can be summarized as follows:

    Top 5 Feet of Depth- Tonnage, Grade and Value Estimate
    1. Top 5 feet, 620 acre estimated tons at 1/3 mineralization = 4,501,200 tons
    2. Estimated ounces of gold at 0.025 oz/ton 112,530 ounces of gold
    3. Estimated ounces of silver at 1.5 oz/ton 6,751,800 ounces of silver
    4. Estimated Value of 112,530 ounces of gold at $1,200/oz = $125,036,000
    5. Estimated Value of 6,751,800 ounces of silver at $17/oz = 114,700,600
    Total Estimated Value of Top 5 Feet $249,816,600

    Next 25 Feet of Depth- Tonnage, Grade and Value Estimate
    1. Next 25 feet, 620 acre estimated tons at 1/3 mineralization = 20,328,000 tons
    2. Estimated ounces of gold at 0.25 oz/ton 5,082,000 ounces of gold
    3. Estimated ounces of silver at 1.5 oz/ton 60,934,000 ounces of silver

    Combined Values of top 30 feet
    1. Combined 30 feet depth, 620 acre est. tons 24,829,200 tons
    2. Combined est. ounces of gold 5,194,530 ounces of gold
    3. Combined est. ounces of silver at 1.5 oz/ton 67,735,800 ounces of silver
    4. Combined est . Value of gold at $1,200/oz $ 6,098,400,000
    5. Combined est. Value of silver at $17/oz $ 1,151,508,600
    Combined Estimated Value of 30 Feet $ 7,249,908,600

    1. Tonnage estimate derived using 1/3rd mineralization top 5 feet near surface placer ore.
    2. 5 to 30 feet the 1/3 mineralization si continued and the ore grade gets richer as depth increases.
    3. The 5 to 30 feet tonnage is estimated at 5 times the top 5 feet tonnage estimate.
    4. Even though placer material continues up to depths of several hundred feet, only the top 30 feet are utilized for this analysis. This matches up with records of analysis work done on adjoining claims.
    5. Claim ownership in the area will be increased as additional surrounding claims are filed for.

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