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2021.ai Information
  • Vimlesh Rai
  • Denmark Ragnagade 7, 2100 Copenhagen, Ragnagade 7, 2100 Copenhagen
  • URL: http://www.2021.ai/
  • The 2021.AI platform is composed of multiple components that support processes that cover identifying, designing and deploying machine learning components and algorithms. 2021.AI will maximize the entire process from identifying new business value to harvesting this value in production for different types of clients
2021.ai Press Release -


  • 2021.AI Partnering with TIA Technology
  • TIA Technology, provider of Europe’s leading core-insurance platform, is teaming up with 2021.AI, a Copenhagen-based artificial intelligence and machine learning company.
  • In the insurance industry, companies rise and fall on their ability to assess and manage risk. Over the past few years, a handful of insurers have fou ...
  • June 13, 2017