"CREATE NEW LAWS", "NEW REGULATIONS" Debate About Abortion by Paul Chehade :.

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    QuotePaul Chehade is dedicated to serve the less fortunate around the world, with no distinction of race, ethnic group religion or gender.Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 08, 2011 - I am sturdily a "PRO -LIFE" believer; a rational evaluation of abortion is usually founded upon one single question:

    When exactly does human life begin?

    The answer leads to another set of questions:

    At conception? - At birth? - Somewhere in between?

    The heated debate about abortion is filled up with emotional pseudo-arguments that are usually centered on derived considerations such as sexual morality, religious beliefs, women's rights, men's rights or purely on pragmatic reasons.

    If abortion were made illegal it would unfortunately still take place - generally under unsanitary conditions that would endanger the life of the pregnant mother.

    The avenue - solution is to "CREATE NEW LAWS", "NEW REGULATIONS", in which we provide the pregnant woman the facilities to have the right to a proper medical assistance by which we give her and/or "the biological father of the unborn" the right to keep the unborn baby and therefore the right and the opportunity for the baby to live! Which is a RIGHT to every creature in this planet.

    If the mother was raped, "it is not her fault". And we will provide her with proper psychological assistance from our professionals in the field. She will have "as a mother" the choice to keep or not her baby. If she wants to keep the matter completely confidential, then a Government program in a most private manner will enter into motion and will keep the baby for her, releasing her from any obligation with the baby. Our doctors will treat her medically in any circumstance until the unborn is born. If she does not want confidentiality and does not wish to keep her baby, then the right to her parents to keep the baby is an option followed by those who would like to adopt the baby.

    If for medical reasons the life of the mother is in danger, then our doctors will do their best to keep the unborn alive keeping her as a main source of life "if that is what the mother decides!!!". However, if her love for the unborn is not compassionate enough, then she will have the right to terminate with her son/daughter's life, by signing a written statement which she fully understands, and executes on her own free will and volition. If the mother is not in a condition to mentally decide, then the biological father of the unborn will decide for her. If the baby is dead before being born by all means, she can safely be helped by our licensed professionals in the field.

    The concepts of liberty and freedom's most important foundation is the right to life and that right should be applied to the unborn.

    Many people feel very strongly about the issue of abortion, and once they make up their minds they rarely change their opinion. If you are undecided and/or open-minded, check out this page and this site Partial Birth Abortion for more information about abortion, including images and a description of medical procedures.

    Paul Chehade:.

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